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Peter Sedgwick (1934 -1983) was best known internationally as the translator of Victor Serge – beginning with Serge's “Memoirs of a Revolutionary” in 1963 – and the author of the left wing critique of anti-psychiatry, “PsychoPolitics”, published in 1982.

Peter was a Christian Socialist as a youth, then a member of the Communist Party until the Soviet invasion of Hungary in 1956. Leaving the CP, Peter became a founding activist of what became the New Left in Britain – first within the Socialist Review Group, then the International Socialism Group.

A Marxist for most of his adult life, Peter, in his final years at least, is probably best described as a non-dogmatic revolutionary Socialist – drawing on Anarchist as well as Marxist sources in his later works.

This site is intended as a central resource for information about Peter.