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About This Site

www.petersedgwick.org was registered as a domain name shortly before the October 2004 Event to Commemorate the Life of Peter Sedgwick. The impetus behind this was the realization that many of Peter's articles had already been collected during previous drives to put Peter's works in print - and today's technology provides the means for making this accessible.

The aim of this site is to host, and provide links to, anything to do with Peter Sedgwick - articles by him and about him, reminiscences, contributions from memorials etc etc.

The aim is to provide a site which reflects the breadth and complexity of Peter's life and activities.

This site has been created, and is being maintained by relatives, friends, colleagues, and comrades of Peter Sedgwick.

This site is being grown gradually - and should hopefully be complete by the end of 2005

We can be contacted through e-mail via this link: E-Mail

This site was last updated: May 25 2005.