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Peter's first book was his translation of anarchist-turned-Bolshevik Victor Serge’s Memoirs of a Revolutionary (1963). This was followed by his translation of Serge’s Year One of the Russian Revolution (1972). Peter's last book published was PsychoPolitics (1982) – a critique of anti-psychiatry and of the ideas of its gurus such as Foucault and R.D.Laing. Peter spent much time and effort researching for a further Serge book – provisionally entitled ‘The Double Duty' or ‘On Revolutionary Humanism’. This was cut short by his death. Part of Peter's material, however, provided the basis for The Serge-Trotsky Papers (1994) edited by David Cotterill.

The latest editions of the below books should be able to be found on any on-line bookshop. PsychoPolitics is currently out of print.

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Victor Serge: Memoirs of a Revolutionary (translated by Peter Sedgwick) [top]

Memoirs of a Revolutionary: 1st edition
1st Edition 1963
Memoirs of a Revolutionary: 2nd edition
2nd Edition 1978
Memoirs of a Revolutionary: US edition
US Edition 2002

An edition of the Memoirs was also published in 1984 by Writers And Readers.

Victor Serge: Year One of the Russian Revolution (translated by Peter Sedgwick) [top]

Year One of the Russian Revolution: 1st edition
1st Edition 1972
Year One of the Russian Revolution: 2nd edition
2nd Edition 1992

Peter Sedgwick: PsychoPolitics [top]

PsychoPolitics: 1st edition
1st Edition 1982
PsychoPolitics: 2nd edition
2nd Edition 1987

The Serge-Trotsky Papers: Edited by David Cotterill [top]

This book is largely based on the work done by Peter before his death -
as acknowledged in the Dedication (below)

The Serge-Trotsky Papers
1st Edition 1994
The Serge-Trotsky Papers: Dedication